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Real Estate

$25,000 - $25MM


24 - 60 months


Investment and Commercial real estate loans are ideal for businesses looking to either purchase, develop or construct new property as well as invest in current property.


The way it works is businesses can apply for this type of financing in order to secure a loan which itself is secured by the investment or commercial property.


Understanding that this loan is for investment or commercial real estate and not for residential properties, the terms and rates may differ from a traditional residential mortgage.

The use for this type of financing can vary, such as the business does not have to acquire new property in order to apply.


This loan can cover expenses such as refinancing or renovations needed on current business real estate or new real estate property.

Real Capital for your Business

Real Estate Financing

Minimum Qualifying Criteria

  • 650+ personal credit score for LTVs over 50%
  • 620+ personal credit score for LTVs under 50%
  • 12+ months mortgage history

Required Items

  • Signed one page funding application
  • Lease agreement required for subject property on refinance transactions
  • Details on acquired property
No Collateral

Why Choose Us?

Unlike traditional banks, we truly understand your business needs. Your success is most important to us, so we’ll never over-leverage your business by offering you more funding than you can handle.

Our simple application and quick approval process makes it easy for you to get the working capital your business needs, and our experienced funding consultants will walk you through it every step of the way.
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